Best Video Game Consoles for 2018

The progress that every year the main brands incorporate makes it increasingly difficult to choose which is the best console among all the available options. And it is clear that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony continue to dominate the market and there is no one who coughs next to them. Whether you are an experienced gamer or if you are not an expert but want to buy a new console, here we bring you some of the models that choose to be crowned as the best video game consoles of 2018. Including the highly anticipated releases that will arrive from the second quarter of the year!

Microsoft Xbox One X

Xbox One is one of the most sold consoles and one of the indisputable in any listing there is no doubt. Choosing the model: Xbox One X / S / Xbox One is something else. In Foboworld we bet on the Xbox One X for its immersive real 4K experience and HDR modes and because it is also the most powerful console on the market, 40% more and 6 power TFLOPS. Processor with 8 cores, custom GPU with 40 process units and 12 GB of GDDR5 memory at 6.8 GHz with a bandwidth of 326 GB / s. T

PlayStation 5

2018 is the year of console releases. One of them will be borne by the Sony company. This is how the console that will be the successor of the PS4 will be released: the PlayStation 5. Forced by Microsoft with its Xbox One X that surpasses the Ps4 in power, Sony has long been taking a step further in the fight between giants. Sony commercialized the PlayStation 4 Pro at the end of 2016 and to keep fighting in power and quality, has decided to launch the much-rumored and expected PS5. Everything points to a presentation at the E3 fair to be held from June 12 to 14 in Los Angeles, although the date of 2019 is shuffled in some technological clusters as the most appropriate. Regarding technical characteristics, it seems that the new Play Station will maintain the current base of CPU x86 and GPU personalized with unified memory, bet by the storage capacity with a hard disk of 2 Tbytes, 4K Blu-ray player.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 is one of Sony’s most successful consoles since its release in November 2013, 73 million units have been sold worldwide. The
PlayStation 4 Pro, one of the best consoles of 2017, is a 2016 update that came to bring us improvements in the performance of some games and 4K resolution. Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which reproduces images with higher contrasts and brightness, 4K streaming video and displays images in 4K quality. The Ps4 Pro has an HDR mode that will improve the detail of the visual aspect of the games, giving them a sense of realism that the Ps4 did not have. Compatible games between Ps4 and Ps4 Pro and graphics quality mark of the house characterize what is one of the best consoles of the last two years.

Nintendo Switch

A year after its release, Nintendo Switch has a higher sales rate during the same period of time than PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U and Xbox One. It has
already officially exceeded the total sales of Wii U with 14.86 million of units sold, 7.24 million only in this quarter. Inside it houses a Nvidia Tegra
processor, 4 GB of RAM distributed between the CPU and the GPU and 32 GB of storage. On the outside, the Joy-Con controls were presented as the revolution of portability, the definitive step to build a hybrid console.

Nintendo Labo

Actually, it is a series of cardboard peripherals that can interact with Nintendo Switch without any electronic connection. The company will market carton kits that allow expanding the game with the console and enable new game modes. The idea is in the future is to launch new titles designed to be used exclusively with Nintendo Labo. The kits include game cartridges, cardboard sheets, ropes and plastic connectors to build different accessories, called Toy-Cons that will be combined with the Nintendo Switch controllers.

Atari box

The Atari Box will come with an AMD processor yet to be determined, a Radeon graphic, a modified Linux operating system and will have the capacity for new games but also to run some vintage or retro games. Do not forget that the retro finish, vintage aesthetics, and nostalgia gamer is the basis of this new release. It seems confirmed that no matter how vintage its design, the console will incorporate USB ports and Ethernet connection, as well as microSD storage.

In conclusion, hardware wise all consoles seem well balanced and very capable. The decision on which to buy will go down to either the content offered (as there are several titles exclusively produced to each console) or the demographic the console aims to (think that Nintendo appeals to kids while the rest aims to the more mature gamer).

The Most Fascinating Video Games

Which are the Most Fascinating Video games you need to look for in 2018?

2017 had its share of excellent games on various platforms which were awesome. We cannot judge that 2018 will shape out as 2017 in terms of releasing video games of a good quality and exciting experience. Watch out for 2018, it is going to be a fantastic year for the industry of video games. The ultimate and the shining star of 2018 will be of course the games. On the horizon, already we have a few quite titles which are promising and amazing. We have checked on the games which are meant for next year and have come up with the ones you need to have an eye on.

Here are the best video games you need to look for:

A Way Out

A Way Out is a cooperation of an action title purely displayed via the lens of a screen which is split. The earlier sections of this video game will mainly focus on completion of an entire prison break and the levels which come later in this game, get both of the players cast as fugitives.

For so many years we have played joint games but A Way Out video game has stood out since it has taken advantage of a concept and in storytelling standpoint from a presentation. This style of split screen in this game gives room for both players to influence the events of this story always. This is a freshly joint game which gives you a cinematic action feeling.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Koji Igarashi is the man behind Bloodstained Ritual of the night. Bloodstained represents his return to the genre. We have discovered that this video game has been done in Metroid Vania style. We the fans of Castle Vania support this game since it is a Kickstarter debut and we are desperately waiting to see whether Igarashi will bring the spiritual Castle Vania successor that gaming requires desperately or not.

Code Vein

The man behind Code Vein is Hiroshi Yoshimura. When we compare Code Vein to Dark Souls, it is more than a flattering tribute. It involves a vampire world. Code vein does not replicate Dark souls, vague narrative and somber tones rather it is a combat system that is satisfying.

Detroit: Become Human 

Become Human is a video game which narrates for us a story of a group of androids who are rebelling against society which is abusive and the people who are assigned to bring them down. Detroit: Become Human gives us a thorough check of this conflict on both sides.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming up to be a good alternative to the Marvel vs. Capcom series. If you are looking for a title which is purely for fighting, look no further. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a video game which emphasizes the insane epic encounters.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Marvel’s Spider-Man is coming out already and is the greatest Spider-Man gaming adventure. We actually get to see this upcoming video game of Spider-Man, as one of the most Spider-Man titles that capture all interesting scenarios about this character instead of digging deep about an aspect of a lone iconic of one of the greatest heroes of Marvel.

Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11 is the best well prepared 2D action title. This game has been developed on a re-imagined style of art which triggers Mighty No.9 bad memories. The footage of this video game reveals to us that Capcom is seriously transforming classic Mega Man into the age of modernity.

Metro: Exodus

Metro: Exodus gives us an experience of a first-person shooter and it has been one of the greatest for years. What we know from this game is that, if the developer gives us an experience closer to the one which he has achieved with Metro: Exodus, then, Metro: Exodus may win the competition in 2018.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World represents an attempt by the developer to create a Monster Hunter game that would transform nonbelievers into believers. This video game involves hunting down various monsters using incredible different kinds of weapons. The word World means it is largest Monster Hunter game. If we look at this game in a sheer technological perspective, it is the most ambitious as well.

These are Video games you don’t want to miss, the experience will take you to a higher note. The adventure, action, and experience is one of its own kind.